Now the Commonwealth Games are over perhaps the Council can place more resources in the overlooked parts of the city.

I walk my grandchildren to Hillington Primary School every day and to get past the amount of dog fouling, it's eyes down all the way otherwise it's messed up shoes and crying children.

I know the problem is the dog owners, however I think it's time they were caught and fined as it is an ever increasing problem in this area.

Disgruntled Nana Glasgow

Mascot vision

To complement Bill Love's letter on the Clyde mascot, I would urge the council to combine the message of the Clean Glasgow and People Make Glasgow campaigns to say 'People Make Glasgow Cleaner, Safer and Better', with the Clyde mascot.

This could be placed on screens at the St Enoch Centre and Central Station.

This would go a long way to removing the city's 'No Mean City' image.

Mr Clean Glasgow

Settle it

WITH regard to the HMRC/ Rangers case. If previous court rulings say EBTs were loans, then, simply, letters should be sent to the beneficiaries demanding repayment "in full and final settlement". I am not a rocket scientist - I don't think I have to be one to state the obvious.

Steven Rowan posted online

Train treat

What a difference it makes having three different Glasgow to Edinburgh train routes.

I was heading to the Edinburgh Festival last week and jumped on one of the trains that go through Bathgate and guess what? No overcrowding.

JP West End

Flag fury

SO now an indyref take on the Duke of Wellington statue. I wonder how much it cost to remove it this time?

As for no referendum promotion on council property, does that mean no Yes or No flags on city streets? Most are council property!

Iain MacDonald Irvine