Good on Brendan

READING about Brendan Rodgers visiting hospice staff on Christmas Day (Evening Times December 25 online), as a Rangers supporter I am more than happy to say that he is a thoroughly decent man.

He is professional and balanced in all his dealings and is a credit to his club.

He is also a first class coach.

His charitable attitude towards hospices in Northern Ireland extends to giving up his Christmas Day to support people in their final days.

A thoroughly decent man and the nicest Celtic boss since Tommy Burns.

Derek Miller, posted online

Example to all

SINCE his arrival in Scotland, Brendan Rodger’s demeanour as a football manager with Celtic has been quite impeccable.

This most recent disclosure of his compassion and concern for his fellow human being depicts the calibre of the man.

Is it any wonder that the Celtic team have responded to his man management in the way they have done? In my book he is an example to us all.

John M Clark, posted online

Awful coverage

THE recent Hamilton v Celtic game coverage by Sky TV was an absolute disgrace.

There was no sound for 25% of the game and, at the final whistle, there was no post match discussion or interviews. This would never happen in England and is more evidence that Scotland is treated with contempt by this broadcaster.

Anthony Martin, Ryeside Road, Glasgow

No surprise

READING about the Tories warning of “swathes” of police officers leaving (Evening Times December 26), a number of police officers retire after serving for over 26 years.

Given that they have a good pension arrangement, which they have paid into then you would expect this to happen.

Andy Simpson, posted online

Magic lights

SEEING the old photos of Glasgow at Christmas time (Evening Times online November 22), I remember my mum taking my sister and me into town to see the Christmas lights.

It was such a big deal. Back then the whole city was lit up, not just George Square, right down Argyle Street to Central station bridge.

It was pure magic.

Mark Smith, posted online