Uninspiring revamp

THE NEW plans for development in the city centre (Evening Times, December 27) is one if the most uninspiring ideas in a long time... a total lack of any ascetic integration with the surrounding area. I agree with the need for more mixed used housing. The amount of student housing (majority of it ugly with poor construction and design) has come to saturation point.

The city needs to invest in housing for the people who live work and grow the city all year round.I live in Kelvinhaugh and every spare bit of ground has been earmarked for student flats. We need to build communities not educational ghettos.

Jim Stevenson, online

Sales staff praise

WHEN I read about shoppers braving Storm Conor to go to the Boxing Day sales (Evening Times, December 27), it is the staff I feel sorry for.

Some stores opened at 6am, so many of the staff members - who probably worked late on Christmas Eve - had to go to bed early on Christmas day to be at work on time.

I wonder how many of the executives and office workers who decided that these stores would open on Boxing Day were in a shop at 5:30am on Boxing Day?

Karen McClay, online

Trongate neglect

RE the plans for city centre redevelopment (Evening Times, December 27): All along the Trongate there are empty buildings that are decaying by the day.

The corner of Miller Street and Argyle Street is a classic example. Sauchiehall Street and Union Street are total dumps yet Glasgow City Council concentrates its efforts into building more student accommodation? Would that be foreign students by any chance so that the council can benefit financially from them?

Cecilia Angela Buhler, online

Pay rise for cops

READING about the number of police officers leaving the force since 2013 (Evening Times, December 26) I can't imagine how depressing it must be having to deal with everything from horrific injuries and trauma to neglect cruelty and violence.

I wouldn't want to do it and I've the greatest respect for those who do the job. It can't be easy, but it's not as if people don't know what their letting themselves in for when they join the service. Personally I think the money isn't good enough and police officers should earn a much better wage than they do. Maybe that would help moral.

Brydon Moodie, online