READING the story about football clubs being hit by Brexit (Evening Times December 30), If Fulton McGregor is correct, it will place a greater incentive on Scottish clubs to invest more in developing Scottish born players in our youth systems.

Would this be a bad thing?

Once again we see the SNP aren't interested in our own people and it sounds like a little bit of SNP scaremongering from Mr McGregor.

Whether we like Brexit or not, that's the way the vote went, surely it's in (all our interests) to try to make it work.

David Keane, posted online

MR McGregor only talks about the effect of players coming in.

If home-grown talent is developed correctly, surely those young Scottish players leaving for foreign leagues will bring in the revenue to further develop more home-grown talent?

Only a couple of weeks ago, Brendan Rodgers stated that he knows the true value of his players. If we stop selling our talent to clubs down south and overseas for a pittance, then surely our game will benefit, and in time be in a state of rude health?

Steven Rowan, posted online

WE are being told that everything is the fault of Westminster.

Our NHS is underfunded as are our councils, our schools, our building new affordable housing, our universities and colleges, care for our pensioners and disabled.

Not to mention foodbanks, libraries, sport, community projects, and roads.

We are told this is the fault of those big bad Tories.

Being a lifelong Labour supporter I was inclined to believe this, but then I discovered that monies in our coffers to do something about it - £10 million a year - is being sent out courtesy of our Scottish Government to foreign countries in aid.

Yet Westminster, representing the whole of the UK, sends millions of pounds in aid to various countries.

Why does Scotland’s representatives think we have to do that on top of the amounts paid out by the UK government?

Rosemary Keery, Gordon Drive

READING about patients as young as 15 being treated for dementia (Evening Times December 29), is sad - this illness needs more research and treatment.

However if dementia is caused by drug and alcohol addiction, then the government of the day and councils have to take responsibility for creating the culture that says drugs and booze is normal lifestyle and encourages our young folks to self destruct in such harmful and tragic ways.

Alba Mason, posted online