SO, John Davidson does not want any more cinemas (Evening Times letters December 23).

The cinema is easily the best place to watch a film, you should try it some day.

Get a life Mr Davidson.

Colin Hyslop, New Cumnock, Ayrshire

I AGREE with Nicola Sturgeon’s frantic attempts to keep up our good relations in the European Union.

I for one voted to stay and considering Scotland’s 62% population voted likewise I think we have earned the right to be listened to and taken seriously.

I have always believed that by sticking together we remain stronger as well as more democratic.

In leaving, I feel we will prosper less as a nation.

I hope the First Minister can make real progress in the end.

Iain Henderson, Glasgow

In Saturday's Evening Times it was reported that Nicola Sturgeon has said she is determined that Scotland's vote to remain in the European union will be respected.

Again I will say in 2014 Scotland voted to remain within the united kingdom, 2016 there was a United Kingdom referendum on whether the UNITED KINGDOM should remain in or leave Europe, the UNITED KINGDOM ( a united kingdom Scotland voted to remain part of) voted to leave.

Nicola sturgeon talks about respect, when is she going to respect the will of the BRITISH people (that Scotland voted to remain part of).

Maybe she should concentrate on the health service which seems to be failing.

Jim Tees

WHY can Glasgow not take a leaf out of Edinburgh's book, and go all out at Christmas for it's citizens.

I'm quite sure that Edinburgh City Council doesn't have loads more money to spend on their Christmas and New Year festivities than our council has, if they have then I apologise to our City Fathers.

What a poor show Glasgow offered it's people this year, lights that went out after only a few days of being switched on. Dismal is what I would call it. What is wrong with us here in the West, perhaps we have too many councillors and others going off on junket trips that take away money from our city coffers that could be enhancing our drab and dreary city at this very special time of the year. C'mon Glasgow and the powers that be, get your finger out and prove to your citizens that you can do better for them next year.

Terry Lavelle