I used to work in the old Coia's Cafe when I was 14 - 43 years ago - I truly wish every employer I had was as great as Nicky Coia, who died on Hogmanay.

Ena, his dad, who used to sitting peeling potatoes, and his sister, Louise, treated me like family and made sure I got home safe at night even if that meant they had to take me home.

All these years on I still speak of my job there and I am proud my first job was in the old Coia's Cafe Duke Street with Nicky and all his family.

A great and lovely man.

You will be sadly missed.

Eleanor Mckinnon, posted online

Having family in England we thought it would be a good idea to purchase Rail Cards to enable us cheaper travel.

The first year, because of various illnesses, we never had the chance to use those cards and then the following year we purchased new rail cards.

But there is a catch we never noticed the first time.

To obtain reduced rates for travelling we would have to book our trips months in advance, which at our ages, 74 and 76, is not something guaranteed, let’s face it.

We can only plan a week or so in advance so once again we wasted our money.

Could the rail companies not think up a better idea than that?

Could we suggest that they could open a website with last minute rail travel offers with discounted prices for pensioners.

After all, pensioners could fill the trains outwith the busy periods and rail firms could get revenue for the empty seats they must currently be losing money on.

Rosemary Keery, by email

I am deeply appalled by the Government's decision to have all those working in the security industry applying for a license.

Every three years those working within the security industry have to fork out a fee of just under £300 to have their license renewed.

The same applies to those who firstly join who face the same fee.

There is no other means of employment throughout the UK that have to pay this including police, medics, and Armed Forces, so why pick on us when we carry out a service that also assists police and retailers?

We are basically paying the government to have a job.

Why do we have to pay to have a job ..a job that at times the government uses in their protection .

For the last 12 years I've paid the Government more than £1000 to be employed. How many are there who paid the same?

Thousands is the answer. Working in the security industry costs you to work.

William Beckett, by email