With regards the elderly woman attacked in her home, this was a dastardly act.

Let's hope the perpetrator is caught and given the harshest of sentences.

Ron Campbell, posted online

This attack on an elderly woman in her home seems very casual.

Well, here's hoping that the fool who did it is caught and also gets a sentence,.

After that they should be made to work with the old, the blind and the sufferers of dementia.

Jay Robertson, posted online

With regards the death of Nicky Coia, of Coia's Cafe, I used to go into the old place at the top of Payton Street when I was a can boy for the rolls and bottles of Irn Bru.

Nicky was such a nice guy and will be sadly missed but living til 84 - wow.

James Fyfe, posted online

Your reader Iain Henderson states that 62 per cent of Scots voted to stay in E.U when that is factually untrue.

Only 67 per cent of those Scots eligible to vote bothered to turn out, the lowest in the UK.

The correct figure is therefore 42 per cent elected to stay.

John Brown, Milngavie

In response to John Mason's comments on Twitter, this man ought to review whether he genuinely represents his constituents and the wider public in light of his oft ill-judged comments.

From comments that could be construed as trivialising rape to his personal decision to boycott Barrhead travel because they had the audacity to support a no vote in the Independence Referendum.

This man does not in any way represent me and he is indicative of the poor quality of MSPs inhabiting the Scottish Parliament, particularly from the SNP.

C McBride, posted online

I suspect John Mason did not reflect on his choice of phrase before he posted it on Twitter.

It is a highly misjudged phrase and he should not have used it.

But to suggest he is a rape apologist is just daft. Stand down the witch hunt.

Bill Frank, Easterhouse