Extend tunnel

READING about the work on the Shieldhall tunnel (Evening Times January 6), it certainly looks like an unfinished underground railway station.

It's a pity that this tunnel boring machine can't be further used to extend the Subway out towards the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Braehead, Renfrew and thence the airport, albeit on the surface.

Andrew Stephen, posted online

Duty of service

READING about the threat to Castlemilk job centre (Evening Times January 6), the cost of travelling to another one is indeed a factor when you're unemployed.

Also the pavement on the south side of the road, the site of the job centre, is too narrow for a wheelchair to travel on and there's no crossing points from the north side.

It's not about inconvenience, the job centre has a duty to provide a service to the community that is reasonable to access.

Michael Igoe, posted online

Shameful comments

READING about the comments mocking popular Celtic fan Jay Beatty (Evening Times January 6), this is one of the reasons I left Glasgow years ago.

Some of these so called human beings are just pathetic, they did the same to Fernando Ricksen and made some horrible nasty comments during the minute's silence to mark the Ibrox disaster.

It's also very shameful.

Both sets of fans are brilliant but there are a small group that let everyone down.

I wish it would stop along with the singing and the flags, it's old, it's pointless and it's embarrassing!

Dave Curran, posted online

Jay is 'a legend'

THIS news about Jay Beatty is shocking, and anyone point scoring over it should hang their head in shame.

This wee lad Jay is a legend!

He loves his football club and seeing him smile on Saturday at the final whistle certainly cheered me up when my team had just lost.

The police need to hammer these folk.

Community service in the schools or hospitals for sick kids would hopefully soon open their eyes to what these kids have to live with.

Baz Mason, posted online

Comments not from genuine fans

READING about the abuse posted online about Jay, this was not the Rangers fans who did this, it was an individual in the same way an individual who called out at the minutes silence.

The reason it is reported is because of the general good behaviour of the thousands who go to the football and support their team passionately but don't allow it to spill over into the hatred and contempt demonstrated by this comment.

There are numpties at all football clubs but unless the majority indulge in this behaviour we should always treat them as individuals and not class them as the clubs supporters, because they are not.

John Cassidy, posted online