Improve funding for teachers

With regards to the story about the council leader’s plans to make schools as good as private (Evening Times, January 9): Teacher numbers have been cut, due to year on year central government cuts - last year alone Glasgow City Council’s budget was again slashed by millions. They can’t make up the shortfall with council tax rises.

As a parent I’m not happy with declining standards coupled with central government policies that seem to be taking our kids backwards.

I’ve had to pay for my children to participate in extra curriculum work to achieve an acceptable standard in maths.

Joseph McGee, via web

Buses for OAPs

Reading about suggestions for extending the M4 bus service (Evening Times, January 9), they took this bus away from the Knightwood area.

It was used by school kids every morning going to and from Notre Dame High School.

They now have to walk to Great western Road to get a bus to school and elderly locals have no service nearby to get to the top end of the city centre.

Helen Cusker, via web

Build homes

I don’t think the plan for the university site with a learning hub, shops and hotels is the best idea (Evening Times, January 9). They should build affordable housing for rent for the locals. I think Partick has enough of those ugly student accommodations that have been built, but hey-ho, by the time the whole project is done and completed whatever they turn it into I will probably be gone by then. Maybe 2035, then add another 10 years to that because these projects are never finished by the intended date.

Audrey Crawford, via web

Move forward

I cannot see a single reason for anyone to have any objection to the plan for shops and hotels in the West End.

Would these objectors rather see such a development in London instead of Glasgow?

Karen McLay, via web

Train misery

With regards to the story about a broken down train causing travel disruption at Glasgow Central (Evening Times online, January 9) I think these every-increasingly frequent and almost daily failures are becoming unbearable for the long-suffering and increased fare-paying rail users hereabouts.

Andrew Stephen, via web