THE letter” worst racism” by Anthony Martin (Evening Times July 13) left me somewhat puzzled.

He began by, quite rightly, condemning the racism suffered by Celtic player Scott Sinclair both during a game and recently displayed on a banner draped over a bonfire in northern Ireland.

He then asks “why is a certain section of our society immune from criticism and punishment?”

If Mr Martin had paid more attention to the media he claims “to continue to turn a blind eye”, he would have seen widespread coverage of the actions of the so called fan who made offensive gestures at Scott Sinclair.

He may also have noticed the widespread disgust this caused and punishment meted out to him.

With regards to the offensive banner, it was widely reported in the media that it was the subject of an injunction by the Police Service Northern Ireland and it too was the subject of severe criticism and disgust.

Racism is a disgrace and to infer it only comes from a “certain section of our society” is at best foolish and does nothing to protect the victims of racism.

Billy Gold, Forge Street, Glasgow

Parades enjoyed

ANTHONY Martin regularly comments in your view on the orange order and parades.

Let me inform him that the orange order is Christian based and follows rules and regulations.

I know many Catholics who enjoy the parades and the big day in particular.

I’ve also known Catholics who have joined the order and enjoyed harmony and brotherhood.

The bile he mentions is most likely to be aimed at our order.

Our parades and walks are agreed after many consultations and meeting between the council and police.

Lastly, the hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops, eateries, buses and taxis all get a financial boost from the annual demonstration. Tourists love it.

Jet Wilson, via email

Wasted pleas

READING about the Toryglen residents telling Nicola Sturgeon about botched work to their homes (Evening Times July 15), good luck to them.

My view is if the people of Govanhill are being ignored by the First Minister why would she bother her self with their problems?

She knows the horrendous living conditions that the decent residents are suffering in Govanhill and she has not done anything to end this.

What chance does any one in Toryglen or anywhere else have of asking Sturgeon to get things done?

Michael Dooley, posted online