WHY is it that as soon as a sunny day arrives, someone decides that it is a good idea to put their choice of music on, full blast, windows open and force every resident and passer by in the vicinity to endure it? Often for many hours?

This has always been a mystery to me and I can’t be the only one! Anyone know the answer?

Eileen Hart, Lochiel Lane, Glasgow

Too one-sided

I FEEL I must respond to contributor Mr Martin’s blatantly one sided comments (Evening Times July 13).

Firstly, racism is abhorrent - has Mr Martin forgotten Mark Walters’ first game at Celtic Park, bananas and all ?

Secondly, football team’s fortunes ebb and flow - when you’re doing well it’s easy to snipe but when the bad times come again out will roll the conspiracy theorists.

Thirdly, does Mr Martin know the most expensive parades to police are the ones arranged by Republican sympathisers - they are also the ones with the most trouble attached to them.

I’m surprised there’s not been a letter from Mr Martin blaming a certain section of society for the cancellation of the Green Day concert at the Bella!

Jamie Robertson, via email

Danger ban

READING about plans to outlaw smoking in prisons (Evening Times July 18), I am sure that trying to implement a smoking ban in the jail will be more hazardous to the warder’s health than passive smoking.

Lonnie Grant, posted online

Basic rights

CRIMINALS rights should be to have a meal, exercise, education and rehabilitation. That’s it.

It’s a filthy habit. Prisoners should spend most of the day reflecting on their crimes not smoking.

Peter Quinn, posted online

Inquiry needed

IN relation to the Toryglen residents complaining to Nicola Sturgeon about botched work on their homes (Evening Times July 15), the contractors should be members of some building federation and working to their rules and regulations.

If the workmen the contractors are hiring to carry out the work are unable to do the work, then the householders / tenants have a complaint against the contractors.

They should ask for an inquiry into the tradesmens’ qualifications.

Angus McKay, posted online