WHO designed these First Glasgow buses with no upstairs windows for ventilation?

The idea might have been OK if the air conditioning worked properly - but it seldom does. Either you get roasted by a blast furnace during sweltering summer weather, or you get frozen to the marrow via the freezing gale in winter.

I was relatively fortunate the other day when the outside temperature was a stifling 75°F, because the hot air from the blast furnace was at least turned off. But I was still almost suffocated by the absence of natural ventilation and nearly finished off altogether with heat stroke after being microwaved to a frazzle by the blazing sun into the bargain!

Is it beyond the ingenuity of modern man to get the temperature control on these air conditioning systems working properly?

Andrew Forsyth, Revoch Drive, Glasgow

Delays frequent

READING about the problems at Glasgow Central due to a signalling fault (Evening Times online July 18), I regularly check ScotRail’s website and, unfortunately, such delays and disruptions are all too frequent across its entire network!

I wholly sympathise with Scotrail’s position in having to endure all the ensuing media flak, whilst its staff patiently has to face the wrath of delayed passengers, when there are signalling / points / overhead line equipment failures.

These are operational issues totally outwith ScotRail’s control and the sole responsibility of Network Rail.

However, it’s ScotRail which is left paying out any due delay compensation to its disgruntled and long-suffering passengers!

Andrew Stephen, chair/secretary Cumbernauld Commuters’ Association

Good going

COMMUTING from the Southside daily to town for the last seven years, I can count on two hands the amount of times I have been affected by train issues.

Less than 10 times in seven years is pretty good going I would say.

I feel sorry for Scotrail/Abellio or indeed any organisation that provides public service in Glasgow, having to put up with all the moaning minnies.

Bert Travers, posted online

Rubbish shame

THE whole of Glasgow has got worse.

It may seem trivial but in Knightswood the streets are not getting cleaned, road gullies are not getting cleared, and roads are decaying.

It’s funny that l walk through Jordanhill and l regularly see road sweepers and dumped rubbish being moved within a day.

John Davidson, posted online