BRENDAN Rogers is right (Evening Times July 26), leave the politics out of football.

The more serious issues here are the safety concerns.

Would you take your 10-year-old son to a game where they light flares like they did in the Hearts game and then then claim they had the expertise to control the flames?

That was a scary experience and unsafe for any supporter.

Also the blockage of the aisles/exits is another

Celtic F C and Brendan Rogers are dealing with the issues and will solve the problems of safety and political banners.

Edward Donagher, posted online

Follow Brendan

IF the fans are as supportive of the team and manager as they portray week in, week out, they will reinvent themselves to do this in the proper way.

Brendan Rodgers approached the subject in an eloquent and respectful way and we as fans should follow suit.

I just get the feeling that some are using the platform they have been given, to post political and destroying the hard work done by the supporters clubs and the clubs to promote a healthy environment for all fans home and away.

Name and address supplied

Abnormal crime

READING about the young boy getting robbed of his clothing, this is actually really worrying.

Stripping a young boy to his underpants is not “normal” behaviour, even for an armed thief.

Hopefully the young boy is ok and the scum who did this is caught before his behaviour escalates to something even more serious.

Jim Jones, posted online

Price to pay

THERE is no point complaining about the mess in Glasgow (Evening Times letters July 19).

With the freeze on council tax for all these years the local councils have laid off workers and there is just not enough to go round.

It's the same with the NHS. You can get a free bottle of Gaviscon on prescription but can’t see a heart specialist when it turns out it is not heart burn but a heart attack.

So either pay more tax or accept the poor services.

Same with free further education.

How many kids do you know at college or university who tell you they have been missing lecturers for months?

Free prescriptions and education is a wonderful thing but there is a down side.

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