IN reply to your letter regarding fly tipping, (Evening Times August 8) I’m assuming that they were referring to Glasgow City Council.

Now Glasgow City Council is far from perfect but, in fairness to them, using their app I’ve reported fly tipping and graffiti.

This is normally sorted promptly and an email confirmation.

This is a great service and helps keep this great city clean.

Graham Keddie, Kelvindale


WORKHOUSES were formally abolished in the early thirties or so we are led to believe.

The working environment that exists at McVities Tollcross depicts a Dickens novel.

I can only thank the Evening Times for highlighting the plight of the McVities workforce and in turn hope that positive change is forthcoming.

B McCarroll, by email

Careless drivers

I GO for an early morning walk at 6.30am to 7am around the Moss Heights and Paisley Road West.

The private hire cars are the worst on the roads, I doubt half the drivers have a valid licence.

They don’t use indicators, they mount pavements taking a left turn.

One driver drove his car with a traffic cone wedged underneath the car.

There is going to be a massive car crash one day.

BM Donaldson

Despicable crime

SOMEONE in Summerston must recognise the description given of this rat who robbed the 90-year-old lady. (Evening Times August 8)

He needs caught fast and put in front of the Sheriff.

I hope Police Scotland get him quick and I hope the lady concerned gets over this.

He must be local.

Johnny Mack, posted online

Unfair system

READING about the bank employee who stole from the bank (Evening Times August 8), if you came off the street and robbed the bank of a tenth of what this guy took do you think you’d avoid the jail?

Then again if you were a director and mismanaged the bank out of £200m you would keep your pension and receive a nice six figure pay off.

Alan Young, posted online