THERE shouldn't be a rush to end Craig Levein's spell as Scotland boss and immediately appoint a replacement.

The dream of qualifying for the World Cup Finals is dead. Bringing in a new manager for the final six qualifying matches isn't going to change that.

We have no chance of turning this one around.

And when a large percentage of the Tartan Army decides the manager's time is up then it pretty much forces a decision.

But if the SFA were to axe him, it would also cost a lot of dosh. The best idea may be to leave Craig at the helm for the rest of the campaign rather than paying to dismiss him and then having to pay someone else to take over a lost cause.

Gordon Strachan has been tipped as a candidate, but I'm not so sure bringing him in would be that different to sticking with Craig. Yes, he performed well at Celtic, but he had a nightmare at Middlesbrough. If I had my choice, I would be looking at either bringing Walter Smith back for a second term or looking to see if Graeme Souness is up for it.

The problem is the job has become a poisoned chalice. We've had five managers in ten years, which pretty much means if you don't qualify for a major competition you are out of a job at the end of it.

And, unfortunately, the players aren't good enough at this moment in time.

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