Ally McCoist

HANDS up, maybe I was a wee bit harsh when I said that short of putting an axe in the players' skulls, there's not much more I can do to get them motivated. What I should have said was that the duds would be made to watch the X Factor from start to finish if they blew it against the mighty Queen's Park.

Incidentally, I see Craig Whyte has crept back out of the woodwork and he's the guy I really blame for our form slump. That's right...the same Craig Whyte I was sooking up too not that long ago? The same Craig Whyte I was sooking up to in the same way as I am sooking up Charles Green now.

KEnny Dalglish

So, why was the England match postponed because they didnae know it was gonnae rain? Do they no' have someone like Sean Batty in Poland?

Frank McAvennie

Oh aye, the Frankie Boy went to the Scotland v Spain burds' match and I'm tellin' ye, it was swingin' from one side to the other...but enough about me, the game was no' bad as well.

Walter Smith

So, the SFA are saying they won't sack Craig Levein and they will give him a chance to 'turn things round'. Turn what round? I thought we were making progress, why would you want to turn that round? I also read that Craig isn't really under any pressure for failing to qualify for Brazil because the SFA didn't think we would do any better than third anyway. See, there you, go. You just can't beat the old Scottish positive thinking.

Craig Brown

Aberdeen Football Club could be in trouble after objects were thrown by supporters at Tannadice on Saturday. What were those objects? I've no idea, but given it was Aberdeen fans who were involved, I very much doubt it would be coins.

Jim White

Well done, Danny McGrain. Promoted to first-team coach? Mind you, Danny's not getting any younger and a lot of players probably won't know who he is. So Danny, when are you going to dye your hair and get another perm?