SCOTLAND has a decent group of players at the moment and what we need now after Craig Levein's departure is a manager who can get simply the best out of them.

Walter Smith has proven that he can do that. Whether he wants the job, I don't know.

But he has got that respect of the players and would be a great appointment by the SFA.

I would like to see him and Joe Jordan both coming in. Joe is loved by the Scotland fans, he has done everything for his country and has been involved at the top level for a while now.

My ideal two would be Walter and Joe, I would love to see them getting a crack at it.

When Craig got the job, there were very few candidates but this time it is different.

There are guys like Walter, Gordon Strachan, Alex McLeish, Owen Coyle and Gary McAllister all out of a job just now.

There is a plethora of people to choose from and that is why the SFA can't afford to just jump in straight away.

They should interview four or five people, get their views on the job and how we can move forward again and then decide.

Just because the fans are screaming for Strachan doesn't mean he should just get it.

They have got to get the right man for the job, we can't afford another mistake and to continue going backwards.

We have got a while until our next World Cup qualifier so it is crucial that the SFA take their time and hire the right man for the job for the sake of Scotland.

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