Glasgow Tigers new boss Alun Biggart wants an average of 1,000 fans clicking through their turnstiles every week to cheer on the team.

The enthusiastic owner believes the jump from around 700 is achievable with the help of the club's diehard fans.

The Scots-born businessmen travels to Coventry for the British Speedway Promoters' three-day annual conference starting on Friday. And he revealed two members of the previous management team – Gordon Pairman and Alan Dick – are remaining.

The Danish-based chief, who dreams of tracking an all-Scottish team, said: "We want an average weekly crowd of 1,000 which will be quite a percentage uplift on recent years.

"However, we feel that it is achievable in a city the size of Glasgow."

Biggart has been boosted by the news that Edinburgh Monarchs will run in 2013. He added: "Our aim is to push our family appeal and grow our fan base as well as begin to change the demographics of our support for the future of the sport in Glasgow.

"Speedway is part of the entertainment industry. I want to promote an entertaining sporting attraction and a viable night out for all."

He added "However, I'd also want Tigers to display the potential to win silverware. Our year one team will need to also have the ability to develop and improve with the future in mind.

"Right now, all of this year's side are under consideration for 2013 but my dream to build an all-Scottish side. Currently, there is a lack of Scottish riders and a lack of training facilities to help develop them.

"It is possible this situation may change as there are parties working hard to achieving exactly that.

"We at Glasgow will do all we can to help provide track time and advice with a view to playing our part to developing the talent base in this country."