VICTOR WANYAMA was unfortunate to pick up a third booking – and a suspension in Lisbon, even though earlier in the game he appeared to catch a Benfica player with an arm.

It really is very difficult for players who operate in the centre of the park to avoid cautions these days.

However, his absence from the Spartak Moscow match could resolve one issue for manager Neil Lennon.

Given the importance of the match, and the condition of many of his players, Neil will have to manage his squad very carefully in the two SPL games and Scottish Cup tie with Arbroath between now and them.

Starting against Inverness on Saturday, it's time for the fringe men to step forward and make a serious contribution.

Guys like Miku, Lassad Nouioui could step into the breach, while Paddy McCourt and Dylan McGouch are others who can come in.

Victor is another who might have been allowed time off. But as he can't play against the Russians, there is no reason to add him to the players rested.

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