YOU get the feeling that if Ally McCoist played captain Lee McCulloch in goals then he would still score just now, such is the way things are going for him at the moment.

He is the most experienced man in the squad and is playing out of his skin.

What I have noticed is that any time there is a break in play, Lee is up speaking to the youngsters and talking them through the game. That is what kids need, they need guidance on the park and that is where guys like Lee, Ian Black and Dean Shiels have to come in because they have played at the top level.

There is a lot of youth on the park for Rangers just now and while they will be loving it, they do need help at times and Lee is the ideal man to give them advice and mentor them, especially when things are perhaps not going well and they need an arm round them.

I have noticed Lee doing that an awful lot in the last few weeks and that shows how important he is to Rangers.

He made the decision to stay at the club in the summer and it has proved fantastic not only for him but for Rangers as well.

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