RANGERS have taken a bit of stick for their away record this season – and rightly so.

They never showed the levels of fight and spirit that opposition teams had in abundance but on Saturday you could see that they were right up for it from the first minute against East Stirlingshire.

They wanted to play at a better tempo and that is a big thing for them this season. If you slow the game down, you are playing into the hands of teams at that level.

If you make the game quick and move the ball sharply then you will tire the opposition out and they will be on their knees. In most games this season, players have been going down with cramp because they are not used to putting in the work they have against Rangers.

That is why Ally McCoist is so keen for them to start at a good tempo and get on the front foot.

Last Saturday wasn't the best performance, but I think you could see that they are getting to grips with the Irn-Bru Third Division.

Every time they went up the park they looked like they were going to score. To be fair to East Stirlingshire, they had two shots on goal and scored twice so that will be a worry for Ally because, defensively, they aren't as tight as he would like.

The back four have rarely played together, but you can't just blame them, you have to look at the midfielders as well. It is a team game as far as defending is concerned and that will be something Ally will be working on.

As long as they are getting it right from midfield forward and scoring goals, they will win games easily.

They have got Elgin on Sunday, a top-of-the-table clash.The Moray men came to Ibrox earlier this season and scored first before Rangers upped the pace and went on to an easy win.

There is only two points in it at the top so what an incentive Elgin have. Not only are they looking to beat Rangers, but they have the chance to go top of the league.

All the motivation is there for the hosts, but if Rangers go into the match with the same attitude they showed at Ochilview then they are capable of scoring goals and winning the game.

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