SPARTAK MOSCOW have decided to change their manager, with Valery Karpin now set to take the Russians when they travel to Parkhead for the final Champions League game after Unai Emery left the club.

Sometimes replacing a manager can have a positive effect on a squad but sometimes it can have a negative effect.

It shouldn't have too great an impact on Celtic, however, it shouldn't matter if Spartak have sacked their manager or not.

It will come down to what Celtic do on the night and whether they can get the result they need to book their place in the last 16 of the competition.

It might well be a different Spartak side that they will face but I am confident Celtic can get the result they need.

You never know in football but I can't see Benfica going to Barcelona and winning.

Celtic must do their job and beat Spartak before worrying about what is happening in the Nou Camp, though.

Moscow may have a point to prove but I am confident that Celtic will qualify.

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