Members of the SFA's Professional Game Board were "encouraged" by a meeting on league reconstruction yesterday after the SPL and the SFL presented their plans to take the game forward.

The PGB is prepared to bring forward its next scheduled meeting to try to help the process of finding a resolution that suits both league bodies.

There were areas of mutual agreement between the SPL and the SFL plans, with the former wanting to establish two top leagues of 12. These leagues will then split into three leagues of eight mid-season.

While the latter is proposing a 16-10-16 structure that includes all clubs, play-offs, a fairer revenue split and the presence of Old Firm colt teams.

"The PGB is encouraged by the common ground established on many issues in what is an emotive subject," said a statement by the SFA.

"The respective league bodies will now hold further discussions with their member clubs, in the hope that this common ground can be expanded upon within each proposal.

"The next meeting of the PGB is scheduled for January 30, 2013. However, it has offered to reconvene earlier to expedite the process once the bodies have held further talks with their members."

There are still disagreements to overcome, not least because the 16-team top-flight is considered to be not commercially viable as it doesn't provide enough home games.

The SFL also intends to expand the Scottish Communities League Cup to a group-stage competition.

Meanwhile, SPL boss Neil Doncaster has cautiously welcomed Michel Platini's idea to expand the Champions League, since in theory it would allow more Scottish clubs to enter the elite competition.

He said: "It's certainly very interesting. What we need to understand is how many European places will be awarded to Scottish clubs."