Rangers supporters might feel as though they are being exploited in the Third Division with rival clubs raising ticket prices for the visit of the Ibrox club.

But, unfortunately, these clubs know they will only have one season of having the Light Blue legions travelling in huge numbers – and they were always going to try and cash in on that.

Also, police and stewarding costs would have increased significantly for these clubs, so they were always going to have to charge the Rangers fans more than those of other clubs because of the sheer volume of numbers following Ally McCoist's team.

It's not as though they aren't going to attend a game because they are being charged more than the fans of, for example, East Stirling. Queen's Park have raised prices dramatically for the match at Hampden next month when there is every chance they could attract a massive away support.

The Rangers fans have been outstanding by turning up in huge numbers home and away to get behind their team during difficult and testing times – and that will continue regardless of ticket prices.

I do, however, feel sorry for fans who booked buses and accommodation for the trip to Elgin last weekend only for the match to be called off because the club sold too many tickets by being too greedy.

Charles Green was 100 per cent correct to say this can't happen again. The £25,000 fine should have been passed back to the Rangers fans who could prove they were out of pocket as a result.

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