CHARLES GREEN last night insisted Rangers won't "play ball" over league reconstruction as he took another swipe at a "busted flush" Scottish Premier League.

The SPL will meet today to discuss their plans for a shake-up of our league system that could see the introduction of two tiers of 12 teams that split into three sections of eight midway through the campaign.

Green has said Gers will never again play in the SPL on his watch after relations between Ibrox and Hampden hit a new low this summer.

The Light Blues chief executive said: "When I see what's happening up here there still seem to be lots of agendas.

"I hear comments that people don't what Rangers here, well I can make it easy people – we don't want to be back with the SPL people while this persecution of the club for title stripping is going on.

"All of the things that have put the game into the terrible state it's in need to be put behind us.

"When you look at some of the attendances it's definitely not working. The SPL is a busted flush.

"People are sick of seeing clubs playing each other four times a season and the season finished by December because only two clubs can win it."

The SFL have come up with their own blueprint for a new league model but Green, who believes SFL clubs will shun the SPL plan, doubts there will be a smooth solution.

"I've seen the SFL proposal and the SPL version," he told RangersTV.

"There are merits in both, but it needs all the clubs to sit down. SPL clubs are terrified of giving up something, but the reality is that I had to give up something and that was TV rights.

"I met Neil Doncaster last week and told him clearly that once this agreement is finished we will not give them up again and I have written to David Longmuir to reinforce that.

"So if people want to reconstruct the leagues then do it, but don't do it on the basis that we are going to play ball because we are not."