NOTHING personal, it was just strictly business.

Steven Naismith has defended his move to Everton, accusing those who labelled him greedy of knowing nothing about what happened during a year of turmoil at Rangers.

The 26-year-old Scottish internationalist also distanced himself from any personal spat with Charles Green, the Ibrox chief executive.

The English businessman still has an issue with those such as Naismith who left the club in the summer.

But the Everton ace said: "He's going to say everything he can that he thinks is right, that he needs to say in the position he's in.

"I've never met him or had a conversation with him. Part of what he is doing is because he's now the head of Rangers.

"There are things he needs to do or the fans wouldn't be happy with him doing his job so that's fair enough.

"I'm not going to slag the guy because I've never met him.''

Naismith, who insisted he had always been a Rangers fan, did admit he would not be back at Ibrox in the near future.

"To be honest at this moment I wouldn't go back for a game,'' he said. "A lot of fans aren't happy with what's happened and what went on but you never know in the future.''

The player, who was in Glasgow to attend the charity lunch for the homeless which he funds, added: "The situation is probably still raw. I'm proud of the fact I played for Rangers for five years, I won trophies and won leagues with them, I was involved in Europe.

"It was probably the proudest I've been in my career.

"I'm a Rangers fan, I grew up a Rangers fan and it was the hardest decision of my career, not just to leave, but everything we went through, it was more than what was in the job title.''

He said the public did not appreciate the issues, adding: "Ninety per cent of people that talk about it don't know half of what happened.

"If you'd asked me just before we went into administration if I'd like to stay at Rangers for the rest of my career, I'd have probably said yes.

"But circumstances change and you need to make decisions you probably don't want to make."