CELTIC have copped flak for their decision to go public in their disapproval off Anthony Stokes' appearance at a fundraising event in Dublin.

But Neil Lennon was right to answer the question when it was put to him and not try to duck it.

The club's reputation is paramount and must be protected at all times. If Neil felt what Anthony did was detrimental to Celtic's image, he was right to act.

While he was willing to tell the press the club had dealt with Anthony, the actual action taken was kept in house, and that is also correct.

Thanks to technology, players are in the public eye more than ever before, and they have to be mindful of the fact everything they do can be reported.

Common sense has to be the yardstick, for Anthony and everyone else at the club.

He is out of contract at the end of the season, and there are calls for him not to be offered a new deal after this incident.

But Anthony's future will be determined by what he does when he comes back from his injury. He cost £1.2million, scores goals and has a value.

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