IAN BLACK is not being unreasonable or unrealistic in hoping the next Scotland manager might open the door for a return to the international stage.

The Rangers midfielder has one cap to his name after former coach Craig Levein selected him for a friendly against Australia earlier this season, but he was then deemed surplus to requirements along with team-mate Lee Wallace because they were playing in the Third Division.

I always found that reasoning rather strange considering Black was already at Ibrox and playing in the bottom tier when he received that call-up.

Now it will be up to whoever the SFA appoint as the next manager to look at the matter.

Do I think they are capable of doing a job for Scotland even though they aren't playing in the top flight? Yes, I think the pair of them are.

Club boss Ally McCoist has backed their bid to represent their country and if they are playing well enough then they deserve to be considered.

Any time I've watched Rangers, Wallace has been outstanding at left-back. He's big, powerful and full of running and it is an area where Scotland aren't exactly spoiled for choice. I definitely think he is worth serious consideration.

It's maybe a bit more difficult for Black because there are a number of very good players who can play in the middle of the park. Darren Fletcher, Charlie Adam, Scott Brown and James Morrison are all ahead of him and there are also a few others who have been involved in a number of squads.

But Black has shown he can play at the top level during his time at Hearts and I don't see any point in the new international manager closing the door on them.

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