ALLY McCOIST has accused PFA Scotland of compromising the current Rangers players by involving them in a court battle.

The Ibrox boss (left), said he was baffled to discover legal proceedings were being taken against the club and that a number of players on staff were included in 67 names all seeking claims regarding contracts when they were transferred to Charles Green's newco.

Captain Lee McCulloch immediately informed the Gers he was taking no part in any such proceedings in a bid to avoid a backlash.

Others have joined him in distancing themselves and McCoist said: "Somebody's going to have to explain that one to me. Is it the union's – and I'm a union man myself – place to inform their members that there's a possible court action against their employers, or is it their employer's place to inform their employees about the union?

"I find it strange. Why would you not tell somebody like Lee McCulloch, especially if it puts somebody like him in a position where the fans could turn against him. Maybe there's an answer to it.

"I've no doubt Fraser (Wishart) and the PFA lawyers might have an answer to it and I'd like to hear it.

"I thought it possibly put the players who are still here in a bit of a position.

"Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's our position to tell them they've maybe got a court case coming up against us, but I would have thought that it was the union's place to tell them – especially if it's put them in a compromising position.

"I knew within five minutes that Lee had no interest at all. The fact that he came out with the statement within five minutes on his Twitter would indicate that he tried to pre-empt what could have been a situation."

McCoist also made it clear he understands why the Light Blue legions wouldn't welcome back Steven Naismith and Kyle Lafferty after the pair spoke of their hurt at knowing they'd never be welcomed back by the supporters.

"I can understand the players' disappointment," he said. "But that has been created by their choice."