CHARLES GREEN has pledged to hand Ally McCoist £10m to revamp his squad and a further £20m if there is a good response to season ticket sales at the start of next season, so the manager might find himself with a £30m transfer kitty.

It might seem like a staggering amound of money considering where the club have come from, but the bottom line is it will take serious money to get the club back to challenging for the SPL title.

To have any chance of toppling Celtic further down the road, winning silverware again with a view to eventually being able to compete on the European stage, a major overhaul and a massive injection of cash is fundamental.

You can't build a team capable of that without spending big money on quality players. As much as there are always good players available on Bosman deals and bargains to be had, Rangers are playing catch-up and it will take a lot of money to build a trophy-winning team.

Remember, Rangers were ripped apart by the departure of most of their leading players during the summer. Players worth millions of pounds all quit the club and left behind a group lacking quality and experience.

The likes of Steven Davis, Allan McGregor, Steven Naismith and Steven Whittaker all knew what was required to win titles and had the quality to deliver them. You don't replace those sort of players without spending big.

So if Green is serious about taking Rangers back to the very top – and I believe he is – then £30m isn't as ridiculous an amount as you might think.Whether Ally is actually given that sort of money remains to be seen, but if Green has gone on record as saying that then he'll know the Rangers supporters will hold him to that.

I'm sure he was delighted to bring in over £22m from the share offer and for the supporters to come up with over £5m of that is unbelievable.

What an effort from them – they have been nothing short of outstanding throughout these difficult times.

Having money to work with brings its own pressures, though. And that is where Ally will have to make sure he is on the ball and brings in the right players.

When you are spending a lot of money on a player you really need it to prove value for money.

When you are dealing at the lower end of the market and picking up players without paying a transfer fee, you can afford to make some mistakes. However, if you are spending a few million on one player, then they have to produce the goods.

Ally will know that and I'm sure he is already targeting specific players for specific positions. The young players have been great this season, but as the club progresses back towards the top flight there will be a need for more experience and better players.

I bet the supporters can't wait to see some decent money being invested in the team again and have the excitement of seeing their team linked with top players again.

It really does hit home that Rangers are definitely well on the road to recovery.

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