IN recent years the Rangers supporters have spent transfer windows fearing the departure of their leading players.

The way the club was financially, there was always a serious danger of a club coming in with a cash offer for someone and the decision being taken out of the manager's hands by the moneymen running the club.

There were a couple of windows where there was intense speculation over Kris Boyd's future, then it was Madjid Bougherra and Kenny Miller. More recently, it was the likes of Steven Davis and Allan McGregor who were interesting clubs.

But this is possibly the one and only transfer window where the Rangers fans don't have to worry about any players leaving.

First and foremost, I don't think they are playing at such a level where English clubs will be hovering and, with such a small squad to work with, there isn't much chance of Ally agree-ing to the sale of any player.

The fans should perhaps enjoy it while it lasts – I'm sure there will be a time moving forward when English Premier League clubs will once again be looking to sign Rangers' top players – the only bonus will be the manager might actually be allowed to turn down bids.

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