I WAS delighted to hear James Forrest has a chance of being included in the Celtic squad for the game against Ross County tomorrow.

The team have done without him since the end of October, including in massive Champions League games against Barcelona, Benfica and Spartak Moscow.

Of course, Neil Lennon's team have managed in his absence.

His team qualified for the last 16 of Europe's premier club competition with the 21-year-old on the sidelines.

But having the young Scotland internationalist available for the double header against Juventus will give the Scottish champions an boost.

You saw what an impact he can make at the highest level in the win over Spartak Moscow in Russia in the group stages.

With his team trailing 2-0, the manager put him on for Victor Wanyama.

Immediately, Forrest was involved in a move that led to Dmitri Kombarov scoring an own goal.

It is always a big plus for a coach to have a player with his pace at your disposal.

It can give your team a major edge.

The return of Forrest is a big plus for Celtic, not just in the Champions League but also in the SPL.

I am not saying James will necessarily start against the Italian champions. He can be a good impact player.

Wherever he is deployed he gives Neil another option and that will be invaluable against the Serie A giants.

I would imagine James will start the game against County on the bench and be brought on.

I have no doubt his return will be greeted enthusiastically by every Celtic fan.

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