I think Queen's Park are the best footballing side Rangers have played this season, certainly at Ibrox.

The Gers won the first derby 2-0, thanks to a double from Lee McCulloch, but it wasn't comfortable.

Queen's played well on the day. They went out without fear and that was great to see.

They didn't come and sit in and try to contain Rangers, they had a go and wanted to win.

They play from the back and play football and that is refreshing.

I expect it will be a similar game tomorrow when Rangers go to Hampden.

The team are looking good just now. They are impressive in midfield and are scoring plenty of goals.

The only problem, for me, is at the back and Queen's boss Gardner Speirs will know that.

There is no point playing with one up front if Rangers are a bit shaky defensively.

I expect the Spiders to go with two men in attack and look to get at that Rangers back four as often as they can.

With Rangers in great scoring form, I think there could well be a few goals at the National Stadium.

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