I WAS sad to hear that Hugh Adam, the ex-Rangers director, had passed away after a long illness at the weekend.

Hugh was involved with the Ibrox club for many years when I was a player and was a lovely guy to speak to.

What is more, he made a lot of money for them at a very important time in their history.

He ran the Rangers Pools and it is estimated he raised £1million a year in doing so. Back in the 1970s, that was a great deal of money indeed.

The cash was used to subsidise the redevelopment of the stadium following the Ibrox Disaster of 1971 in which 66 fans lost their lives.

It was fitting the club marked the 42nd anniversary of the tragedy on Wednesday.

They held a service attended by current and former managers Ally McCoist and Walter Smith at the statue of John Greig outside the Bill Struth Main Stand.

It is well documented now that Hugh left Rangers after Sir David Murray took over.

He was unhappy with how the club was being run, about the road it was going down, and was quite outspoken about that.

His words are prophetic now given what has happened to Rangers in the year that has just passed.

Hugh was a Rangers man through and through and did so much for them.

He worked his socks off during his time as an official at the Ibrox club and his contribution to the construction of the stadium should not be forgotten.

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