I ALLOWED myself a wry chuckle when I read Charles Green's comments about taking Rangers out of Scotland.

It is funny how things can go full circle in this game.

I remember after the acrimonious 1986 League Cup final threatening to take Celtic out of Scotland when I was manager – and there was plenty of scorn poured over my remarks.

At the time I felt as though we weren't getting a fair crack of the whip from referees, but my remarks were hugely frowned upon and I was the target of criticism from all quarters.

And here we are, all this time later, and things have turned the other way.

To be fair, I think Green's remarks come through simple frustration.

Rangers don't a have say in the voting for the new proposals and his comments reflect his anger about it.

He has to be seen to do his best for Rangers and if he feels, as he clearly does, that the current plans for reconstruction are unsuitable then he has the right to say so.

But in terms of taking Rangers out of the country, I think he'll find that there isn't actually anywhere to go.

Which could be something of a stumbling block.

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