HAVING been manager at Celtic for five years, I am sure Gordon Strachan will find being in charge of Scotland a doddle.

He learned how to handle being in the spotlight, how to be under constant pressure, in his time at Parkhead and became excellent at dealing with the media.

That will be an important quality in what is sure to be a very demanding spell with the national team. To my mind, he doesn't have the tools he needs to do the job.

If he did, Scotland wouldn't be sitting bottom of our World Cup qualifying group with two points.

No disrespect to our current players, but many of them wouldn't have got anywhere near our national squad in years gone by.

We have a few very talented individuals. The rest, I am afraid, are just honest journeymen.

Gordon is contracted until 2016 – when the European Championships will be staged in France. If we finish bottom in Group A then we could go into Pot Five when the draw for the Euro 2016 qualifiers is made.

When he announced the appointment this week, Stewart Regan, the SFA chief executive, stated that Gordon ticked all the boxes as Scotland manager.

He had won 50 caps as a player, had played at a high level in England, had managed and achieved success domestically and in Europe.

But if that was the case then why was Craig Levein appointed three years ago? He didn't tick any of those boxes.

I have to be honest here and state that Joe Jordan was my preferred choice. He also satisfied a lot of the criteria.

But Gordon has got it and I think everyone in the country has to get firmly behind him. He will need everyone backing him if he is to succeed.

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