FRANCISCO Sanadaza didn't score any goals for Rangers against Berwick Rangers last weekend.

But he did something that he has not done before in his time at Ibrox – he put in a right decent shift. If anybody on the park deserved a goal at the weekend then it was him.

Francisco didn't get a proper pre-season under his belt before he joined Rangers. To compound matters, he then spent a long spell out injured.

He has always looked a yard short of pace for me. But not last Saturday. He worked his socks off.

His luck deserted him in from of the Berwick goal, but he had a hand in his team-mate's strikes.

I think the Rangers fans recognised that. They gave him a great send-off when he was replaced late on in the match.

He is starting to show why Ally McCoist was so keen to have him on board at Rangers.

He certainly netted regularly for St Johnstone. I am sure that, in time, he will do it again.

I think his workrate was important at the weekend and will be again. If the 12-12-18 set-up is pushed through for next season it will mean the forthcoming Rangers' games are meaningless.

But opposition teams will still fight tooth and nail to get a result against them. Francisco and his team-mates will need to match that.

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