WILLIE LIMOND knows that he has arrived at the last chance saloon, but he remains determined that time will not be called on his boxing career.

The 33-year-old will face Glenboig's unbeaten Eddie Doyle for the vacant Commonwealth light-welterweight championship in the top of the bill battle at the St Andrew's club's immortal Burns night show at the Radisson Blu Hotel tonight.

It is a contest that is the classic meeting of an old seasoned pro and unbeaten young prospect, but while Limond accepts he is in the autumn of his career, he believes he can still produce a performance that can see him come again in title terms.

He said: "I have won six titles in my professional career, including the Commonwealth lightweight title, but this would arguably be the most important. If I lose there will be nowhere to go and that would be a disaster – I believe I still have so much to give.

"Also, there is no way I want to go down as the man who was almost the first to stop and beat Amir Khan and was cheated by a long count.

"You look at some of the biggest names in world boxing, the likes of Mayweather and Cotto, and they are still at the top of their game, and older than me.

"I have always taken care of myself in and out of the ring and not picked up too much wear and tear in it. Tonight is about making sure I bring all of that to bear.

"If I can win this title then I have a chance to come again at title level with more big fights out there, so I am only looking forward in a positive manner."

Undoubtedly tonight represents the moment of truth for Limond.

The key factors in this contest will revolve around just how much he has left in the tank and how much he can bring his advantages in experience and class to bear against a younger, naturally bigger, hungry and unbeaten foe.

While Limond has looked relaxed and in peak condition in the build-up to the contest, the answers to these questions, and his ability to banish the spectre of that horribly flat showing against Anthony Crolla 15 months back, will only be answered after the first bell tonight.