I'VE got a good feeling about Gordon Strachan as Scotland manager.

He was my choice and I reckon he has his first big decision right by appointing Mark McGhee as No.2.

Gordon knows and trusts Mark, which will be important for the challenges ahead.

Mark's a determined character, as I found out when I signed him for Celtic from Hamburg in 1985.

We had Mo Johnston, Brian McClair and Alan McInally at the club, but Mark was willing to accept the challenge of forcing his way into the team, which he did. I thought Mark was wrong to talk about his last two managerial jobs, at Aberdeen and Bristol Rovers, being failures.

He's been in the running for some big jobs in his time – including Celtic and Scotland – and that means he must have been doing something right.

The choice of Stuart McCall to complete his team will ensure there is a freshness about the way Gordon and Mark approach things.

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