It is important for Ally McCoist to tie up all of the players he has currently got at the club on extended contracts.

Neil Alexander especially.

If the goalkeeper drops out of the team then who is he left with? He only has young Scott Gallacher.

As he strengthens his squad and moves up the divisions, will the young boys be involved?

They are getting a game just now because he has a small squad, is unable to sign anybody and is playing in the bottom league.

The players have to ask if they are going to be happy sitting on the bench and being used sporadically in the seasons to come.

But I imagine Ally is keen to keep them. He is going to need bodies for when his regular first-team players suffer injuries and pick up suspensions.

Experienced players like Ian Black, Kevin Kyle and Lee McCulloch are susceptible to injury and will flit in and out of the team.

I really like Kal Naismith. Whenever he comes on he is keen to get forward. Is he good enough to start? I am not sure. Time will tell. But it is well worth retaining his services to see.

Chris Hegarty is not a right-back, he is a centre-half. I have felt sorry for him at times this season. He gets found out when teams attack out wide. But he doesn't moan about it.

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