ALLY McCoist believes increasing the capacity of Ibrox is possible – given the astonishing support Rangers have received in the Irn-Bru Third Division this season.

Gers chief executive Charles Green has looked at filling in the corners of the famous Glasgow ground and putting another deck above the Argyle suite.

And manager McCoist believes the move is feasible given that the Light Blues will smash through the half-a-million attendance mark for the season against Montrose today.

He said: "You have always got to set your targets and your sights high. So I know exactly what Charles means.

"If we were back where we want to be playing at, hopefully right at the top, and by that I mean Champions League, then you would have to assess the situation.

"It would probably be a possibility judging by the amazing support that we have had in SFL3.

"If the support were to continue and increase, if the team was lucky enough to get back to those levels that we want to get back to, then it might be a possibility.

"But we would have to reassess the situation when the time arises."

McCoist added: "The supporters have been absolutely amazing.

"We have been thrilled. It looks like they are going to stay with us all the way through the season.

"They deserve a big thank you from the players and the staff."

matthew lindsay