HUGE TASK, says Alison McConnell

I am not entirely sure Rangers can win in Dundee on Saturday.

On recent evidence, the Ibrox side have been considerably short of the kind of form required to play Dundee United and get a result.

With a raft of SPL players in their ranks and a wage bill that is higher than United's, they should to be capable of winning the tie.

But too many players are short of the standard expected. Francisco Sandaza looks lost and short of confidence, Lewis MacLeod will be a loss if, as expected, he fails to make it, while defensively Rangers continue to look vulnerable.

If they are to get through the tie, they will need to restrict United's time on the ball and shackle the likes of Gary Mackay-Steven and Johnny Russell, players who are creative, fast and able to punish any chinks in Rangers' armour.

Sitting deep and trying to hit on the break may well be Gers' only hope of emerging from the tie with their name still in the hat.


IF Rangers can't beat a part-time club like Montrose at home, then how can they expect to overcome an SPL club like Dundee United away?

That was the question many disconsolate Light Blues fans asked themselves as they left Ibrox on Saturday.

But, deeply disappointing though the Montrose result was, there is no reason Ally McCoist's men can't prevail at Tannadice.

The Gers just need to get their tactics right to advance from the fifth-round tie against their top-flight opponents.

Putting an onus on defence, playing a 4-1-4-1 formation with a holding midfielder just in front of the back line, would allow them to contain United.

They have the players at their disposal – Andy Little, Barrie McKay, David Templeton and others – who can hurt the Tangerines on the counter.

And being booed off the park after the draw with Montrose will ensure every Rangers player gives 110% on Tayside.

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