Rangers have revealed that Brian Laudrup is in talks about becoming a "club ambassador".

The Dane, who helped the club to three league titles in the 1990s, was in Glasgow yesterday to hold talks with chief executive Charles Green.

Laudrup told RangersTV: "Since Rangers went into these chaotic circumstances, I have said all along that if I could help in any way I would do it. I've been here to speak to Charles a little bit and we'll see if we can find a way for me to do that.

"To be able to be an ambassador for Rangers Football Club would be absolutely fantastic and we want to see if we can find a way to work together.

"If the club wants me to help – and it looks like it does – I would love to do it.

"I have always said I had four tremendous years at Rangers.

"The issue at the moment is to find a way in which I can help and it has been fantastic to meet Charles.

"He is a fantastic man to speak to and he has a great vision for the club.

"Now we just have to sit down at some point and formalise things so that we can work together, that would be great."