AS soon as Lewis Macleod went down against Montrose last Saturday I knew there was something wrong with the Rangers midfielder.

Sadly, it has emerged Lewis will be out of action with a knee injury for at least two months.

It is such a shame for the boy. He will certainly be badly missed. He has probably been the most impressive of the youngsters this season.

I hate to compare kids to any players of the past. But the more I see him the more he reminds me of Derek Ferguson and his brother Barry.

He is not the sort of individual who will get the ball, push forward and score mountains of goals. He is not a Steven Gerrard type.

He likes to stay in midfield, get on the ball and play passes. Pass and move is his game. I hope he makes a speedy recovery and we see him back soon.

Hopefully, though, Rangers will be able to cope without him. They have Ian Black and Kyle Hutton who can play in central midfield.

Black and Hutton should be able to compensate for his loss.

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