Rangers have badly missed the presence of Lee McCulloch these past three weeks.

The Ibrox captain is the only player at the club who is a natural leader and, without him, Rangers have had a rudderless look to them.

You need to have players in there who can kick a few backsides on the pitch when the chips are down and can get the best out of them.

To me, McCulloch is the type of lad when, even if he is not playing all that well himself, can still get the best out of those around him.

By the look of things he could be back for tomorrow's game against Queen's Park, which would be a big lift for Rangers.

And I would put him straight in at centre-half again. The defence looks desperately soft and, although McCulloch is the top goalscorer at the club, Rangers badly need to have some solidity at the back.

He is capable of shoring up things. Whenever teams have the ball, you know that they are going to be able to create a few chances for themselves.

Queen's Park have been difficult opponents for Rangers in the two previous games between the teams this season.

They like to get the ball down, they like to pass it and for that reason I'd like to see McCulloch back and involved.

His presence has been missed by Rangers because he is one of the only players at the club who has been there and seen it all at the very top.

He knows the demands of the club, he knows the pressure there is to perform and get results – no matter who you are playing.

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