Efe Ambrose could well miss Tuesday's game against Juventus due to commitments with Nigeria at the African Nations Cup final.

He and Kelvin Wilson have developed what looks like a decent partnership.

However, while there is no doubt that some players are missed if they are not there, the bottom line as a manager is that if someone isn't there, then that is that.

Hoops boss Neil Lennon will have braced himself for the fact that there was a possibility of that happening and he won't waste time worrying is Ambrose is not available.

I would imagine that the most likely scenario is that he will go with Wilson and Charlie Mulgrew in the middle of defence.

Mulgrew is a player who gives his all and never lets anybody down.

What he will be relieved about is the fact that he is going into this Champions League game with his full squad otherwise available.

I don't really think that Gary Hooper's value will depreciate between now and the summer and, in actual fact, it could go up if he puts in a good shift against the Italians.

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