"WORDS cannot express how hugely disappointed I am with news of today's appointment of administrators to The Rangers Football Club PLC." - Former owner Sir David Murray.

"We have 140 years of fantastic history at this football club but the most important thing is that we look to the future and the next 140 years." – Ally McCoist.

"I think they will reappear as Rangers 2012 or something, sadly. It is just a tragedy that has happened to them." – Graeme Souness.

"Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. What has happened at Rangers these past few months has been cringe-worthy." – Derek Johnstone.

"This great football club can recover from the situation in which it now finds itself and be the force in football that the fans deserve." – Craig Whyte.

"This is a sad chapter in the history of Scottish football and we should not underestimate the potential ramifications for the image of the game as a whole." – Stewart Regan.

"I've spoken to a number of players and they are concerned. Suddenly, contracts are perhaps not worth the paper they're written on if administration comes." – Fraser Wishart.

"News that Glasgow Rangers may go into administration. If they do they will have points deducted, could be a mess." – Lord Sugar.

"We were entitled to the view that who carried the coffin to the graveyard, if you will, was going to be important with respect to how they might benefit from that scenario. For whatever else he (Whyte) is, his expertise is in distressed companies and making them survive, or not survive, to his benefit. We were entitled to take the view that administration would be on his agenda and that he would be the principal beneficiary of such a process." – Alistair Johnston.

"Football is our national game so it is for the administrators to take forward the process of assessing the business and securing an outcome in the best interests of the club, staff, fans and the game as a whole." – Shona Robison, Sports Minister.