I WAS at Ibrox on Tuesday night when Rangers won the SFL Reserve League with a 2-0 success against Queen's Park.

I was glad I went along as it gave me the chance to see the kids – the really, really young kids – who are coming through at Murray Park.

The club opened the bottom of the main stand and with nearly 3,000 supporters turning up to cheer the Gers on.

There was a really good atmosphere inside the ground.

I could have stayed in and watched Arsenal take on Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

However, I was glad I got out to have a look at the Rangers young boys.

I thought there were one or two laddies on show in the match who clearly have a big future at the club.

Several first-team players were involved; Fraser Aird, Kal Naismith, Seb Faure and Robbie Crawford took part.

You need to remind yourself that these guys, despite their involvement with Ally McCoist's side in recent months, are still kids themselves.

However, several other players, guys who are 15 or 16, looked the part as well.

And Tommy Wilson's side thoroughly deserved to win the game and the title.

I think a few of the kids I saw have a genuine chance.

Kenny McDowall, Ian Durrant and Walter Smith were all there and I am sure they were given food for thought.

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