THE Rangers fans have kept the Ibrox club alive during their well-documented financial troubles in the past year or so.

So they deserved to be consulted extensively about the plans to sell the naming rights to their Govan ground.

That is exactly what club chief executive Charles Green has done in recent weeks.

It is only right that the supporters know what direction the club is going in and are kept informed every step of the way.

They own 20 per cent of the club now following the successful share offering last year.

They have ploughed a lot of money into the coffers and deserve to have their say.

To his credit, Charles Green has been clever enough to know that he cannot afford to press ahead with this contentious plan without asking their permission.

I think if Rangers had taken this step a few years ago there would have been no consultation with the fans. It would just have been announced one day and that would have been that.

But this is a new era for Rangers and the supporters have to play a role in every major decision the club takes.

It has been agreed by the club and the supporters that Ibrox will be in the stadium's new name along with that of the sponsor.

I think the majority of fans will go with that. Yes, of course, you will get the traditionalists who will be unhappy with the change.

But, at this moment in time, if a company is going to plough, say, £2million into Rangers a year to get their name on the stadium then I think that has to be seriously examined.

They can't afford to look a gift horse in the mouth. Every possible source of revenue has to be looked at.

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