VICTOR WANYAMA'S father says the Celtic midfielder will decide his future this week.

The Kenyan ace is at the centre of a £12million tug of war between Cardiff City and Southampton with other interested parties monitoring proceedings.

Wanyama is due to meet up with Celtic's pre-season training camp in Germany on Friday, if a deal to sell him hasn't been agreed.

And his dad, Noah Wanyama – whose other son McDonald Mariga stars for Inter Milan – has revealed he expects Victor's future to be decided one way or the other this week.

Wanyama senior said: "My son will make a sober decision. Be patient, he will make a decision in the coming days.

"I have talked to him and, while I am not going to interfere in any way with his decision about his future, it is my place to advise him.

"But I make it a point never to interfere with my sons' professional affairs. They are mature enough to make sensible decisions.

"All I do is to give them fatherly advice to ensure they are not carried away by their status.

"My sons have never let me down. Their discipline has been great. I ensured they grew up the way I taught them. I am a disciplinarian, and self-control was instilled in them.

"They may think they are celebrities on account of their achievements, but they have to maintain family values. They understand their future in football solely rides on how disciplined they are.

"I was a player once, so I understand what it takes to make real achievements in football."

And whatever decision the 21-year-old Hoops powerhouse makes, Wanyama's father insists he is proud of his achievements.

He said: "Some other parents, and I don't blame them, would have asked their sons to concentrate on education, but I told my sons to decide what they wanted to do.

"Sports is a career, my sons have sufficiently proved that. I couldn't be more proud of them. The boys make me happy and proud to be their father."